Is an architect just drawing and developing projects? Of course, not! Architecture is a philosophy and every architect should learn to “think” before drawing skills. In this article, we will tell you which qualifications you need to be an architect, going out of the cliches!

We’re not going to talk about the architectural tools and drawing skills you see everywhere, but the qualities you really need to be a good architect and the issues you need to be interested in. If you want to be a good architect, you should always do activities that will keep your vision very high, but of course, read this article first.

Interest in Art

In order to develop the architectural thought system and to be a good architect, you must be a good “thinker”.For the development of this thought system, it is necessary to be fed from a continuous source. This source can be any branch of art. Being interested in art always feeds architecture, which is an art that concerns the whole society. In order to develop your architectural vision and perspectives, we recommend that you be interested in any branch of art and follow your developments. It is very useful to follow the works of art and visit the exhibitions in search of concepts and inspiration in architecture.

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Imagination is a talent that a designer must have. You may be naturally imaginative, but you should support this with artwork and lots of readings. Each architect needs imagination to make original designs and conceptual works.


Solving Problems

Solving any problem is the mission of an architect. Problem solving skills are directly related to experience in architecture. The more experience you have, the better you can solve problems. Being able to solve problems and having practical intelligence is necessary for you to be a good architect. Problems can arise in any process of architectural design, the important thing is to develop the ability to solve these problems with the least damage and in the shortest time possible.

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Well- Organized Character

Architecture is a field with intense working conditions and schedule. If you want to be a successful architect, you need to organize all your tasks and responsibilities well. Some people have a well-organized character and therefore have very regular and consistent career success in architecture. If you are not good enough at planning and organization, you will not be able to carry out the design processes of projects perfectly. Unfortunately, a project that has organization and order problems during the design process is not delivered on time and with the expected quality.

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Good Communication

All means of representations in architecture are a communication element in themselves. Being successful in communication means not only making successful connections with your clients or employers, but also being successful in communication as an architect. To be successful in communication as an architect, you need to pay attention to the words you use in oral communication, from graphic language of your architectural presentations.

The communication you have with your teachers during your years in architecture school is at least as important as your communication with your customers in your professional life. It is necessary to choose the right words, talk about the strengths of your projects, be persuasive and polite.

Credit: What I Wish I Knew Before Hiring An Architect – Ask the Right Questions (

Presentation Skills

Architectural presentation, as we mentioned in the previous title, is a graphical communication method. The more you establish this communication with your customers or other people, the more successful you will be in architecture. We recommend that you follow current presentation styles to improve your architectural presentation skills. If you think you are lacking in graphic design skills, there are many online courses where you or your team members can learn in the most effective way.

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