Faculty of architecture is a school where you can learn the discipline of design best. After receiving such an education and graduating from the faculty of architecture, the jobs you can do are not limited to office architecture. In this article, we talked about what job architects can do. If you are a newly graduated architect and have not decided in which fields you want to work, follow this article.

Construction Site Chief

Would you like to work as a project site manager in construction as an architect? In the construction process of architectural projects, construction sites are where materials and construction techniques are best experienced. If you are interested in this field, try to work on the projects of the most comprehensive companies in the construction site internships. Your internship experience will be very important in order to work as a site chief in professional life.

Credit: 6 Alternative Job Options for Architects Where Being an Architect is a Big Benefit – Home Stratosphere

Office Architect

Office architecture, that is, developing concepts and designs, is one of the most important working areas in architecture. If you are confident about architectural concept and project drawings, you can be an office architect.

Credit: Design Office | Alterstudio Architecture | Archello

Architectural Mentor Firms

Architectural mentoring is a service required by many large architectural offices. You can work in a mentor firm that helps in project development and presentations, branding and promoting offices.

Credit: Ontario Co-Working Office | Quark Studio Architects | Architecture | Interior Design (quark-studio.com)

Construction Companies

Construction companies include services that do everything for the realization of architectural projects for which many architectural offices have undertaken the design and drawing. It is possible to work as an architect in a construction company that does fieldwork on materials, construction and construction techniques.

Furniture Design

Architects are, above all, well-educated designers. Furniture and product design are industries where architects often work. If you are confident in your product designs, working in this field is for you.

Credit: Architecture vs Interior Design – archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

Architectural Restoration and Conservation

Architectural conservation and restoration is a field that needs to be mastered in architecture and then studied meticulously. If you think it’s for you, you could start a job in an architectural restoration office. You can do valuable work that contributes to cultural heritage in architectural conservation and restoration.

Credit: Revitalisation of Birzeit Historic Centre | Aga Khan Development Network (akdn.org)

Graphic Communication Design

Architects are designers with a very good language of presentation and graphic communication. As an architect, it is possible to work as a visual communication officer and a graphic communication designer. If you have good skills on representation in this field, you can enjoy working in the graphic communication department of an architectural firm!

Credit: (8) Pinterest

Historian of Architecture

Architectural history is a program that you can specialize in after undergraduate education in architecture. Architectural historians are architects who have made very important contributions to the literature on the history of art and architecture. If you are an architect who likes to read and research, you can be a good architectural historian

Urban Planning and Landscape Design

Credit: Rethinking Urban Planning in a Post COVID World | WSP

Urban planning and landscape design includes topics that architects design on a macro scale in their approach to a project. Every architect should have knowledge of planning and landscaping, but some architects prefer to be experts in these areas. If you want to do architecture on a larger scale, you can pursue a master’s degree in landscape and planning and successfully continue your career as a landscape designer architect or urban planner architect.

Credit: Lakeside Garden / TOPOS Landscape Architects | ArchDaily

Lastly, we hope you work in your favorite field among the many fields you can work in. We wish all architects a wonderful career full of success!

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