The series of Best Architecture Schools continues with the 5th article. If you are looking for the best architecture school for both bachelor and master degree education in the world, follow the series of article. In this part of the series, we will talk about Delft University of Technology in Netherlands that has one of the best faculty of architecture in the world.

Faculty of Architecture in Delft University

Credit: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, The Netherlands – Community for Artistic and Architectural Research (

With almost 2,900 students, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft is the largest faculty at Delft University. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020, it was placed second among the top universities in the world for architecture and the built environment, making it one of the best faculties in the world.

The Department of Architecture and the Built Environment educates and conducts research in the subjects of architecture and architectural design at a globally competitive level of quality. The concept of social relevance binds education and research together. Delft University’s Department of Architecture is an open network organization that is continually developing. It has a global reputation and actively adapts to changing socioeconomic conditions on a national and international scale.

Credit: TU Delft Faculty of Architecture – Wikipedia

The department provides an intellectually engaging learning and working environment for students, teachers, and research professionals. The Department of Architecture is an important section of the Faculty of Architecture. The department attracts an increasing number of students from the Netherlands and internationally due to its high-quality educational program.

Courses of Delft University

Let’s take a look at the courses at Delft University in this article where we review the best undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies for architecture students. You can choose Delft University at the level you want to study and in many areas of architecture.

We have listed below which fields you can study from undergraduate education to doctorate:

  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • S. in Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences
  • S. in Built Environment Geomatics
  • S. Education in this fields of Arcihtecture:

Architectural Design Crossovers, Architectural Engineering, Architecture and Dwelling, Architecture and Public Building, Borders and Territories, Complex Projects, Heritage and Architecture, Analysis and Imagination, Urban Architecture, City of the Future, Explore Lab.

  • Master of Urbanism which is specializations in complex city planning, transitional territories, urban fabric design, urban metabolism and climate, and urban ecology and eco-cities.
  • S. in Building Technology with a focus on architectural perspective that are climate design , facade design, and structural design.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) regarding with architecture and design that is specializations in Design & Construction Management, Real Estate Management, and Housing.
  • Landscape Architecture Master’s Degree for students who are graduated bachelor in architecture and landscape design.
  • Doctorate in Architecture and Built Environment.

Study at Delft University

Credit:Library Delft University of Technology (

Mecanoo was commissioned by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) to build a library that would serve as the center of the university and provide a face to a campus the size of a city district. The renowned TU Delft library, created with the digital transition in mind, continues to exceed expectations more than two decades after its establishment. In our opinion,TU Delft library is inspirational for architecture students in the university.

Credit:Library Delft University of Technology (

A large lawn beside the Brutalist concrete theater is slanted at one point, and the library slides beneath it. A cone, the technical engineering symbol, pierces the lawn and library, connecting them like a pushpin. The structure includes climatic façades as well as an insulating walking grass roof. The landscape, library, and auditorium form a new unity that has become the preferred meeting place on the international campus of TU Delft.

Credit:Library Delft University of Technology (

Alumni Architects

The most famous alumni of Faculty of Architecture are John Habraken who is the former dean of MIT department of architecture, Winy Maas and Nathalie de Vries who are architects and co-founders of one of the most famous and best architectural office MVRDV and Siegfried Nassuth is alumni of Delft University, he is known as an author of Bijlmermeer.

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