Architectural competitions are highly instructive, creative and productive processes for all architecture students and architects. In this article, we talked about websites that organize quality competitions for architects, where you can follow paid and free architectural competitions.


Credit: Architecture Competitions | Conceptual Architecture Design Competition- UNI

For students and the general public, taking part in an architecture and design competition at UNI is a really special opportunity. Through a variety of exciting scenarios, the competition provides an opportunity to interact with the built environment. Anything you can imagine can be constructed. Although there are undoubtedly numerous websites already available, UNI is home to the greatest collection of architectural competitions.

Credit: Turf Housing Competition | Manila | About (

International competitions at UNI provide an opportunity to engage the community and spark creative design concepts. The advantages of taking part in challenges are numerous, but they are primarily focused on providing opportunities for designers at all skill levels, from novice to expert, as well as working together on cutting-edge design projects that have an impact on architectural movements around the world that aim to establish a new school of thought.

Credit: Decode Cultural Architecture Competition | Manchester | About (

Make it even easier by having UNI host, oversee, and publicize your rivalry. The knowledgeable curators from UNI will collaborate with you to develop a compelling competition brief that inspires designers to come up with creative solutions.

YAC | Young Architect Competitions

Credit: Competition Asks Young Architects to Transform Abandoned Factory into Cultural Center | ArchDaily

Aiming to support architectural competitions for young designers, whether graduates or undergraduates, YAC is an association. First, YAC aspires to further design research by periodically posing concrete questions concerning architecture and city planning.

Credit: Site Museum _ Winners! — ARKxSITE

By doing this, YAC hopes to spur discussion on the actual locations of human activity, which are constantly evolving and becoming more unpredictable. Second, we aim to support the originality and ability of young designers by giving the best among them commensurate rewards and favorable visibility on print and online channels.

Credit: Competition Asks Young Architects to Transform Abandoned Factory into Cultural Center | ArchDaily

In order to frugally address the problems of human action and land use, YAC wants to redesign the design culture. They hope that numerous designers from various fields will participate in this contest.

WA | World Architecture

Credit: World Architecture Community Awards 41st Cycle Winners Are Announced

The prestigious and well-regarded World Architecture Community Awards have been organized by World Architecture Community from 2006 and for more than 30 Cycles (WA Awards). The WA Awards spotlight and honor exceptional work that have the power to raise stimulating queries regarding the current state of architectural discourse.

Credit: Winners announced for LAGOS: CITY OF WATER architecture competition 2020 (

The WA Awards 10+5+X is a reputable competition that provides its competitors and winners with an excellent opportunity to have their initiatives noticed and acknowledged among their peers and in the marketplace.

Credit: Winners announced for LAGOS: CITY OF WATER architecture competition 2020 (

Projects in architecture and interior design are eligible for WA Awards. Three categories of competition identify the greatest construction projects and structures. Categories include Designed, Realized, and Student. Participants from all over the world, especially those from areas with less coverage by general or specialized media, have the opportunity to communicate and promote their projects through World Architecture Community, which might otherwise go unreported.


Credit: Bustler: Architecture Competitions, Events & News

The primary goal of Bustler, the sister site of the top architecture platform Archinect, is to keep the design community engaged and motivated.

Credit: Bustler: Architecture Competitions, Events & News

The leading website for competition and event listings in the architectural and design fields is called Bustler.You can find many architecture and urban design and planning competitions in the website of Bustler. Breaking news about notable contests and events can be found in Bustler’s News section, which follows activities from across the world.  It is possible to follow the latest competitions or architecture events via Bustler’s social media accounts. The team of Bulster try to arrange various prestigious architecture competitions for the range of budget and architectural vision internationally.

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