What would happen if we had the chance to change the reality of cities? How far can we go? Imagine that there are no difficulties we face in real life, no boundaries, no obstacles. Try to create your own city, but how? 

If it is not necessary, we cannot interfere with the buildings around us. Even if we intervene, we’ll be confronted with limitations. In this context, digital manipulations are crucial opportunity for us to discover ourselves and to see our borders. We can try to manipulate buildings on a digital platform in order to see the boundaries of our imagination, to give a new identity to cities, to experience distinctive and unique forms. It would be interesting to experience architecture in this digital platform that offers a free space to us and would have a positive impact on our creativity. For all these reasons, works of Victor Enrich can be inspiring for us.

Victor Enrich is a photographer and architect who manipulates buildings on a digital platform and gives these buildings a new look and identity. After having studied architecture, he had lost himself in the routines of professional life for about 10 years and had to abandon the unreal cities he had passionately designed as a child. One day, he quit his job and began to change the cities he traveled with in his own way. Unusual shapes and non-standard proportions are the most striking elements in his work.  

City Portraits is a series of architectural photographs shows his style clearly.

Another project is called NHDK which is about a hotel in Munich. Building is transformed 88 different ways by bending, twisting, exploding.  

Enrich says: “Each part of the city acts as a catalyst of feelings, ideas and digressions that, once after its empowered soul emerges, becomes alive, unrestricted from norms, ready to fly into new, yet unexplored shapes.”

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