Augmented reality is a valuable tool in architecture, especially with the rise of AR apps in the field. Augmented reality helps architects and designers to study their designs as if they were real-world constructions. Architects can use augmented reality to visualize their designs and make better decisions by seeing how their design will fit in its surroundings.

Building architecture is not an easy task. It needs time, patience, and creativity. However, there are many limitations to designing a building or designing anything in 3D, including the lack of digital modeling and architectural visualization experience. Augmented reality apps for architecture are changing the game by allowing architects to visualize their drawings in the physical environment. With AR applications for architecture, you can import 3D models and view them in a realistic setting. You can also use AR as a virtual showroom to help clients envision their future space and imagine how it will look before it’s been built!

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Augmented reality (AR) is a unique way of merging the physical and digital worlds through your smartphone’s camera. Augmented reality applications in architecture help you to view your design from 360° angles and work on it directly from your tablet or phone. The use cases for augmented reality in architecture are endless: it can be used for making changes on-site which would be expensive back at the office; it can help show interior design concepts to clients; and it can provide high-level landscape views of future projects with better accuracy than classic 2D plans or 3D models. Companies such as Autodesk use AR technology to help architects visualize their projects. This is done by providing 3D models that they can see through the phone’s camera lens

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AR Applications for Architecture

One of the latest augmented reality applications in architecture aims to transform the way architects design buildings and show them to prospective investors. Augmented Reality apps for architecture are one of the latest architectural innovations. They allow architects to see their designs in the easiest way. Innovative AR applications have made finding realistic simulations of buildings possible faster than ever before – as well as an easier way for architects to present their designs to clients. It is the technology could potentially transform the way we build and design things.

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The augmented reality apps for architecture are not just a novelty to make buildings more exciting or interactive, they actually can be used to make them safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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The increasing popularity of AR in architecture can be attributed to the advancements made in augmented reality apps and how they integrate seamlessly with other software like Google Sketchup, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Revit, and more.

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With the applications that are below we will explore how augmented reality can enhance architects’ and students’ creations and make their ideas come to life. Here are a few augmented reality (AR) apps that revolutionized the market to give you an idea.:


The best augmented reality software created specifically for architects is ARki, which is now accessible on iOS. You may import 3D models of building plans directly into the app in its free basic version, where they can then be examined in augmented reality.


One of the most advanced augmented reality applications for interior design is Hutch. Essentially, this is a comprehensive and successful augmented reality software that offers interior design services.

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Out of all the numerous AR apps for architectural drafting that are available, Magicplan is a wonderful choice for assisting you in creating floor plans. By using the camera on your mobile device to scan the space, this app creates accurate, clear floor plans in either 3D or 2D.

RoomScan Pro

Another augmented reality software accessible on iOS is RoomScan Pro. This next option, in contrast to most AR apps, gives users three ways to create floor plans, one of which is AR scanning. With the app, you can take pictures of a building’s interior and exterior and have them automatically converted into 3D or 2D plans.

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