Be it architectural, landscape or interior design, it is often the case that visualizers would have to rummage around on the Internet for assets they need, which holds back the whole process until they find .

For now, D5 Render’s built-in Asset Library has 2000+ materials and 8000+ models, enabling designers and architects to present all the visual effects in a quick and easy way.

  1. Add details to the textures

Material editing, a laborious yet essential process, plays a key role in achieving photorealism.

From the D5 Material Library, which is regularly updated, you can use glass, ceramic, wooden, marble and thousands of more preset exquisite textures onto any model surface, saving you time and energy collecting or even purchasing them from different sites.

Of course, you can also make adjustments to give them a new look as you like. Getting rid of all those nerve-wracking material nodes, D5 Render has made it possible for 3d designers to create satisfactory custom textures with only a few drags and pulls in the map slot.

The texture-editing system of D5 Render

D5 Render now has over 2000 ready-to-use materials that are widely used in architectural, interior and landscape design.

If you want a sustainable house built with eco-friendly materials, wood and bamboo are the ideal choices for the roof, walls and floors.

Wooden house interior by Jimmy 3D with D5 Render

Or you can create a modern beach villa with the combo of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, cozy white fabric sofa and emissive floor lanterns.

Beach villa by Filip Lekawski with D5 Render

  1. Breathe life into your renderings

Outstanding visualization is much more than just the rendering of the model itself. It’s about a rich and harmonious overall environment. D5 Render has 8000+ models, from modern furniture for the interior to vegetation and vehicles for the exterior. To make the scene look more vibrant, you can also add dynamic characters or animals to render a nice animation.

With D5 Model Library, furnishing up the scene is no longer a time-consuming process. You can find the out-of-the-box interior decor tool, Interior Parallax, a great time-saver especially when you have dozens of rooms in an architectural visualization project. In order to make a dark, dull building become lively and bright, all you need to do is drag and drop the Interior Parallax behind the window, scale it properly, and adjust its built-in accessories as you like.

To further enrich the environment like a neighbourhood, D5 offers a lot of dynamic models and particle assets. For example, you can add to the street a fountain particle, a speeding car, or a crowd of people from D5 Model Library, bringing your render to life.

Think about the real world: walls have water stains after rain; fallen leaves scatter around the lawn; manholes can be found everywhere on the road…. Missing these tiny yet necessary things would make your render rigid and dull. This is where the decals from D5 Model Library play magic.

  1. Fill the scene in an effortless way

Now that you know D5 has thousands of assets for you to choose from, let us show you a better and faster way to make use of them. D5 Render provides Scatter/Brush/Path tools to work with the built-in asset library. As the name suggests, you can add models wherever your mouse is, or simply fill a certain face with the assets you selected. Learn more.


D5 Render asset library is constantly updated to serve users from all walks of life. See the latest update with 900+ assets including landscape models, crops, and more.

If you still feel like something is missing from the collection, don’t worry. Feedback is welcome and valued. Everyone can share ideas and requests for the D5 Asset Library here.

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