We can’t deny the power of architecture in shaping our surroundings. Architecture is not just a profession but also an art. It should be pursued by those who are passionate about it and with a sense of curiosity. In order to practice architecture with pleasure, it is necessary to learn in a pleasant way first. Architectural education covers processes that are not easy all over the world. For instance, the time to learn architecture software professionally is not in architecture school, but students are expected to be very good at it. In this kind of situations, you can learn many software that cannot be learned in architecture school in Learn Architecture Online.

Learn Architecture Online is a learning architecture platform with the assurance of Illustrarch. There are various architectural contents such as ebooks, online courses, cutouts, 3D software educations, and more.

First, let’s talk about the founding purpose of Learn Architecture Online, about which you will learn a lot. Learn Architecture team wants to make architecture learning more accessible and affordable to people all over the world. This is, in fact, one of the primary reasons why they developed this platform.

Learn Architecture offers an easy-to-use website accessible to all architecture students. Introducing themselves as an online architecture academy and architectural content platform, the team works with the Illustrarch team in marketing architectural content.

What is in Learn Architecture Online?

You can learn architecture with valuable architectural content creators’ products and educations. Learn Architecture’s aim is to bring together the best content producers in the world of architecture with students from all over the world. The team, with Illustrarch experiences, which markets online courses, ebooks and all products of architectural content creators provides access to these contents for all architecture students.

Learn Architecture has many video courses on architectural software you want to study, ebooks from valuable authors, all the content you need for your architectural presentations. Learn Architecture has all the modeling, presentation, drawing and rendering content that an architecture student needs. This platform, which publishes the products of the best content producers in its field, provides all architecture students with the opportunity to learn architecture with its rich categories.

Students’ access to the products is provided with a very easy interface, from the courses they need to the PNG, vector, brush packages that they will use in architectural presentations. There are ebooks in Learn Architecture Online that will also benefit students’ school education.

If you have questions about accessing any product or content, you can visit the FAQ section. You can review the answers to frequently asked questions from two different profiles, “Customer” and “Creator”. For other requests, comments and questions, you can always reach the team at [email protected].

The challenge is not architecture, but making architecture simple. A clear interface to make architecture simple, a large number of categories for training and content suitable for you welcomes you in Learn Architecture. Provide a unique platform for both students and content creators Learning architecture is simple in Learn Architecture and becoming a creator to market your architectural content.

Becoming Content Creator and Vendor in Learn Architecture

It’s easy to become a seller and content creator in Learn Architecture! To market your content to students from all over the world with experiences of Illustrarch, it is enough to become a member of Learn Architecture as a creator. If you want, upload your content yourself from the “seller profile” section, or send an e-mail to [email protected] and let the Learn Architecture team upload your content to your vendor profile.

Starting Career in Architecture

Architects are required to have a lot of knowledge that it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about this field, to understand how everything works. The new platform for learning and practicing architecture is a great place for those looking to start their career in this field. It is possible to complete architectural education with Learn Architecture. While building your career in architecture, you can access content produced from all over the world with Learn Architecture.

Learn Architecture Online has the architectural portfolio education you need for your applications; brush sets to use in your architectural presentations and much more to start your architectural career in a great way.

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