Historically, hotels were often built near railroad stations or along major highways. Today, many hotels are part of chains and offer standardized service to suit the needs of international guests. The architect’s job is to make sure that the building meets the needs of the client and will be appealing to the public. They have to think about everything like how much it will cost, what materials are needed, climate of building and surrounding when they design hotels.

Credit: Private homes | One&Only Kéa Island (oneandonlyresorts.com)

Hotel design architecture is a significant factor for the success of a hotel. The architecture should be in tune with the surroundings and provide a sense of peace and serenity to the guest. The interior design should be aesthetically pleasing and make it easy for guests to find their way around the property.

The best hotels are those that make you feel like you’re on vacation. They should have a theme, be aesthetically pleasing, and have all the amenities of home. In order to design a good hotel, it’s important to think about the location and what people want in a hotel. For example, if it’s an airport hotel, people may want to sleep during their layover. If it’s a beach resort, people will want to spend time outside on the beach or go into town for shopping and restaurants.

Credit: Xigera Safari Lodge | Hospitality (hakwood.com)

Importance of Hotel Design

Hotel design architecture is important because it can make or break your stay at a hotel. The way that the building is designed can affect how you feel about your stay in many ways. For example, if there are too many windows or not enough windows then it could be uncomfortable for guests who are sensitive to sunlight or need darkness in order to sleep well at night.

The best hotel design should have a good location that is easily accessible by public transportation as well as proximity to tourist attractions or business centers. The exterior design must be aesthetically appealing with high-quality materials used in construction such as marble floors or natural stone exteriors.

Best Hotel Designs Around the World

One&Only Resorts Kea Island, Greece

Credit: Private homes | One&Only Kéa Island (oneandonlyresorts.com)

One&Only Resorts is bringing resort-style rooms, suites, and villas to Kea Island, Greece. This property’s design combines historic Hellenic architecture with modern facilities and smooth indoor/outdoor transitions.

Credit: One&Only Kéa Island Private Homes – Sphere Estates

W Hotel Edinburgh, Scotland

Credit: W Hotel, Edinburgh – Projects – Jestico + Whiles

The W Hotel is designed by Jestico + Whiles, includes a twisting steel ‘ribbon’ that resembles a spiral of paper – a homage to the neighborhood’s past as a home to Edinburgh’s printing mills. The narrower footprint also takes into account the area’s classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Xigera, Botswana 

Credit: Xigera Safari Lodge, Botswana | Hospitality Interiors Magazine (hospitality-interiors.net)

Xigera is set to open in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve and is meant to provide a one-of-a-kind safari experience, with the resort perched above the water of the Okavango Delta to provide visitors with uninterrupted views of animals. You may even stay in the adjoining three-story steel baobab tree.

Krugar Shalati, South Africa

Credit: Kruger Shalati – Train on The Bridge & Garden Suites, Skukuza – Güncel 2022 Fiyatları (booking.com)

Krugar Shalati is a one-of-a-kind hotel set to open in South Africa in 2021, housed within a restored antique railway floating on a bridge over the Sabie River. The permanently parked train features local art and furniture, as well as entrance to the game park.

Stamba Hotel, Georgia

Credit: Rooms Hotels Stamba Hotel – Rooms Hotels

The expansive atrium, with its imposing Brutalist backbone, is where the innovative makeover of a former 1930s publishing house in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi truly shines. A glass-bottomed swimming pool constructed on the top allows dappled light to enter the room, which is surrounded by interior balconies with views of lush foliage below. Walls in moss green and denim blue are painted over exposed masonry.

Ett Hem, Sweden

Credit: Ett Hem – Stockholm – the MICHELIN Guide

Ett Hem may simply translate as “a home,” yet few can boast such a gorgeous residence. The 12-room boutique hotel, expertly extracted from a 1910 Arts & Crafts townhouse in Stockholm’s Lärkstaden neighborhood, preserves the intimacy of the elegant private household it once was.


Credit: Ett Hem, Luxury Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden | Small Luxury Hotels of the World (slh.com)
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