Palm Trees & Pinky Skies

How will the world be after a half-century? What would it look like after all the damage human beings bring to the world. Inevitably, it is hard to have a strong degree of certainty. One can only make assumptions or predictions about it. On the other hand, you can use your imagination to create your own vision of the future.

Today I am going to present you the fantasy of the future through the art works of an amazing artist who is Grace Casas. She is an 3d animator and modeler. Maybe some of you saw her works through Instagram or design websites. if you have not, you should check her Instagram.

Grace Casas has an extraordinary and unique vision in her designs. When I first saw her works, I immediately became a huge fan of her fantasy world. Her imaginary planet is joyful and colorful (mainly based on pink and other neon colors) which gives me positive energy. Her future planet is not like today’s chaotic world.

She uses the popular items in her imaginary planet. Popular brands such as Adidas, Coke seem to be still present in her imaginary future world and greek sculptures  are still a symbol of aesthetic. Both robots and humans live in collaboration with each other. Even if the future landscape turns into a desert, I will be happy to see the palm trees and pinky sky in the future.

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