Rendering can be the most troublemaker thing for an architecture student, or architect. However it is not. People always tell me that rendering is too difficult to take, it takes hours etc… Again, it is not. But the thing we are going to discuss is, is it really necessary, if you are a student.

As far as I am concerned, as a student, you should try to learn how can you explain your ideas on your presentation or which drawings represent you best. In addition, the lecturers are your clients, they have a good command of subject. That is why, you can try to improve your visual and graphical side. Also, don’t forget that because of the truth of you are student, you can imagine a project as unusual as utopias. You have that chance, than use it.

To illustrate, you can look at illustrarch’s instagram page. You can find billion types of drawings there to give you an idea.

Is It Necessary To Know Rendering?

Here is the link.

On the other hand, renders are for real life. I mean, if you are an architect and you have to convince your client, you can’t do that with the drawings I mentioned above. Always keep in mind, your clients are not architects and they don’t have any idea of how to understand drawings, they don’t have to. That is why, you need to show them what your project is going to be. Renders are stepping in at that spot. If you have renders, you can see there how materials you picked look like, which colors would be better on the materials etc…

The point I am trying to tell you is, in architecture, everything is necessary to know but they have their own schedules. Do not ever act like, ‘ I don’t need to learn that program or take a render.’ One day, your boss or client will make you use that program or take that render. Someday it is going to happen, but use the time well, improve your skills day by day. For example, you will apply for a job or master, the people who will elect you, must know your visual language, the way of express yourself in drawings.

Simplify, renders for people who are not architects, but the rest of is up to you. If you want to challenge other architects, don’t stop improving yourself and discovering.

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