Calacatta vs. Carrara: Comparing Italian Marble for Kitchen Worktops

Italian marble is desirable for its timeless beauty, but selecting the right marble choice for your kitchen is a journey in itself. In this article, we explore the different qualities that Calcutta and Carrara varieties of marble have and compare them in order to find the right choice for you. We look beyond the beauty of marble’s surface – reviewing based on practicality to give you a better understanding of marble materials and what’s right for your kitchen’s design.

Calacatta & Carrara Marble’s Origins

Despite originating from the same country, Italy, the rareness of both types of marble make them a high status material in the world of interior design. Calacatta marble originates from a small number of quarries in the region of Carrara in Italy, even so the amount of marble retrieved is limited, contributing to its scarcity and uniqueness.

Similarly, Carrara marble originates from Italy, the Carrara region to be specific, again limited to a few quarries. Its artistic features have been sought after for generations by sculptors, artistic, architects and interior designers alike due to its timeless beauty and utility. These qualities are the reason for Calacutta and Carrara marble’s high demand.

The appeal of Calacatta Marble’s Veining

Calacutta marble is an elegant material known for its ability to create a refined statement, when installed correctly, in the world of interior design. Its rarity is a famous characteristic of this type of marble, adding an exclusive personal touch to a space. The scarcity of Calacatta marble is further emphasised by its unique and organic visual features.

Calcutta’s striking natural graphic veins distributed through the surface of the marble, creating a dramatic effect that adds a serious statement to any space in a home. The diversity of these veins adds to the unique aspect of this type of marble, as they come in a range of colours. Shades of grey, brown, green and blue can be found in these stones, adding a depth to the marble slabs. These qualities create an air of luxury, because it’s so rare the effect it has in a space is striking, making it a preferred choice for many in bespoke kitchen designs.

Carrara Marble’s Subtle Veining

On the other hand, Carrara marble features a more delicate veining, creating a softer visual. It’s striking white characteristics and balanced vein-to-white ratio give a clean and crisp touch to your kitchen’s design, making it a classic marble choice. It is this neutral characteristic that gives the marble a timeless edge that goes beyond trends. This quality means that it suits a range of designs and styles ranging from traditional shaker to modern classic. Compared to Calacutta’s availability, Carrara is more readily available, making it a more popular choice.

Exploring the Diversity of Calacatta Marble Variations

The different variations of colour determine the type of Calacatta marble, because of the range of colours, there are a range of types. Varieties include Borghini (Cava Ruggetta), Bettogli, and Vagli.  Borghini, otherwise known as Cava Ruggetta, Bettogli and Vagli are all defined by their gold veins.

Calacatta Gold is used as an overarching term to describe this variations of this marble type.

that have honey or gold coloured veins. Borghini (Cava Ruggetta) is a type of Calacatta marble that has thick deep grey veins, feathered lines and gold highlights. It’s the reason why this type of Calacatta marble is such a luxurious statement, emphasised further by its limited supply

The vein patterns are intricate, they are a result of millions of years of natural evolution, they are definitive of Calacatta marble. Veining is what makes each type

The sheer variety of the types of Calacutta marble and their defining features means that creating a truly unique kitchen that channels your personal artistic expression is more accessible than ever.

Both of these choices are synonymous with luxury, desirability, and premium status due to their limited supply, wither choice is a testament to your kitchen.  However, harnessing marble’s exquisite qualities to achieve both opulence and functionality requires the involvement of a kitchen design expert to unlock the potential of your new kitchen. Elevate your kitchen with marble today with a consultation from one of our experts.  Both of these types of marble have bold and distinct veining, results in it being a focal point in any home. The materials are known for their timeless elegance, making them a smart investment in your kitchen, that fosters an air of sophistication and refinement in your kitchen and home.

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