What does the next stage of your life look like? Where can you find the right combination of numerous professional opportunities, an affordable cost of living, plenty of entertainment, and a rich history? It turns out the City of Brotherly Love, also known as Philadelphia, is the perfect mix of those factors.

This metropolitan is a great place to move to at any stage of life. Young professionals seeking their first career and a place to grow beyond their childhoods can build a wonderful life here. Young families can raise their children with plenty of community help. Empty-nesters and retirees can find plenty of neighborhoods to thrive in as well.

Philadelphia is a great place to live, so let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should move there.

The History

Philadelphia is considered the birthplace of the United States of America. It is the location of the first Continental Congress as well as being where the Declaration of Independence was signed. If you are a history buff, or you want your children to learn about the beginnings of the country they live in, then there are few better places to move to than this area. The architecture alone is reminiscent of earlier times in many parts of the city, and you will come to understand how buildings can speak to us based on their story and design. The vast number of historical sites can impress any traveler or resident as well.

The Sports Scene

If you love sports, few cities can match the diversity and fanaticism of the sports scene here. With professional teams in all the major sports leagues, including the NBA (76ers), MLB (Phillies), NFL (Eagles), NHL (Flyers), and MLS (Union), every sports fan can find a team to support once they embed themselves in the culture. Fans in this area are known for their passion, sometimes to the point of infamy. If you are a fanatic and can adopt a local team as your own, then you will fit right in.

The Cost of Living

Most major cities in the country, specifically on the East Coast, can be quite expensive to live in. New York City, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and others have a pretty high cost of living. When compared to these large metropolitans, Philadelphia is more affordable than most. This is true about everything from groceries to entertainment to housing, though there are plenty of more expensive properties such as Mainline Philly homes. If you love the idea of living in a city but are nervous about the costs, this urban center might pleasantly surprise you.

Work Opportunities

Philadelphia is a large city, so it is bustling with career opportunities. In fact, as of 2021, there were approximately 30,000 employers in the metropolitan area, employing well over 600,000 people. This density of businesses demonstrates the high number of work opportunities available to professionals both young and old. Three of the top industries in the city are healthcare, education, and social services, so there are plenty of chances to work with people. There are also opportunities in manufacturing, tourism, and telecommunications. No matter what industry you are interested in, you can probably find plenty of companies that would love to use your skills.

Great Public Transportation

Owning a car can be expensive, especially when you consider the traffic of major cities, gas prices, maintenance, and insurance. Fortunately, you can get by easily without a car in Philadelphia because of the excellent public transportation system. A high number of bus routes, an efficient subway, and a rail system make it easier for workers to commute even if they do not live close to their places of work. As far as big cities go, the transportation system here is certainly one of the most efficient and affordable. It is also very walkable and bikeable.


Education has become one of the top industries in the city. There are numerous high-quality universities and public school systems where students can go for primary and secondary education. It is home to one of the largest populations of college students in the country. If you are looking to study for your future career, or you have kids that you want to have access to a great education, then Philadelphia is ideal.

Start The Next Stage of Life Well in Philly

As you can see, there are many important benefits of moving to Philadelphia, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. You could find hundreds of reasons to move here if you looked hard enough, which just goes to show what a great city it is. Some describe it as an area with the resources of a large city but the feel of a smaller town. Whether you care about the sports scene, a low cost of living, a rich history, educational opportunities, or numerous employers to work for, Philadelphia has plenty to offer those looking for a new start in life.


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