What do you think about being an architect? What an architect does? Do they only draw plans?

Of course, they don’t. In this article, I am going to talk about the backstage. Although, I am going to mention about steps that architects follow to design something, if you don’t know how to start designing, hang on your hat.

Think about the most famous artists all around the world. What are they doing? How are they improving themselves? How are they choosing a subject to focus on?

Well, the main thing is, they are curious about learning. It doesn’t have to be about art. It can be about anything can give you an inspiration in anytime. Then, they do research for it. After collecting data, they find a way to present their art piece. Each art piece or installation has a background, is based on a story.

When it comes to architects, we can say that art occupies a huge place in our world. To illustrate, when you build something, you know that it is going to be a landmark and for sure, it represents you, your art. In addition, it has to be unique with the city, that is why you need to analyze the area that you are going to build on. Also you need to consider about people. At that point, sociology shows up. You should think like the people who are going to visit your ‘designed’ place. How do they feel at there? Can people interact with the place and also with each other? What should people,who are looking from outside, think ? These steps will make you reach to right decisions to design. Don’t forget, after building your idea, you become one of the citizens that you analyzed in your design process. That’s why, also you should think yourself at that place while designing it.

After designing process, you need to represent your work to your professors or clients. To do this, you should remember the story that you created at the first stage. Then, decide what do you want to show, which drawings and diagrams explain your idea or project better. (Click to learn about diagrams : Click HERE)

On the other hand, the presentation has to have a graphical language. To achieve this, you need to search for examples. You can search www.issuu.com or www.behance.net for perfect works people made.

Last step is all about your communication skills, as far as I am concerned, it is the most important one we can say. You looked from artist’s, sociologist’s and graphic designer’s point of view, now it is time to think like a lawyer and convince people. Even if, your drawings and project are precisely perfect, if you can’t reply the questions they ask and convince people, unfortunately your work turn into nothing for them.

It is important to remember, nobody never starts from top. It needs to search, learn, and be enthusiastic about your work. If you keep searching and digging, you can realize your improvement day by day. Be humble for everything, go and see that exhibition, watch that movie, visit places you have never been in and discover to create.

Ps: If you want to see more articles about backstage of architecture, do not hesitate to comment below and let me know ! 🙂

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