Aditya Setalvad
Ahmedabad, India
These images are a part of my output at an architectural studio at CEPT university. The mandate given was to represent the given words in terms of architectural drawings but those drawings shouldn’t be plain plans, sections or elevations. We were supposed to explore various types of drawings which could bring out an idea of the given term.
Thus, for memory I chose to draw and render a view of my old school with closed doors trying to show silence and a sense of the past and a person holding a picture of the primary school thus trying to show how one longs to be in various places but they end up being a mere memory. (all rendering done on Photoshop)

For material, I took up an imaginary construction site and tried showing how a material is not only something that has a certain feel or texture to itself but it’s also an element required to build. Thus using up both dictionary definitions for the word, I came up with an idea of construction material alongwith a display of materials like wood, concrete, brick, metal, and earth.

For density, it shows a typical section through a building with every floor showing people crowded into houses and the road full of people and animals like how an Indian Street would be. The activities seen in the exterior of the house are specific to indian lifestyle, hanging of clothes, moving of animals across wires, people arguing through windows, etc. The activities inside the house include meetings, gatherings of friends, couples arguing, scenes from rooms, family spending time, pregnant women being taken care of, etc.
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