As architects and citizens, we are all aware of the importance of public areas in cities. Even if it is a small area, we can renovate it into a nice place where people can have fun to spend their time. It doesn’t have to be a spesific area with boundries, can be a passage way, a line between two stops or maybe seaside. As far as I am concerned, seaside is the most peaceful one for sure…

The question is, what comes into your mind when you think about public spaces ? Well, the project I will show you, can help you to expand your imagination.

Get ready to see how you can combine your techinal and design skills together in a beautiful harmony !

In 2005, architect, Nikola Bašić , proposed a design for seawalls in Zadar, Croatia. Until that time, it was only a concrete wall, however with a clever touch, now, seawall is ‘singing’ for the people with ocean waves. But how?

There are 35 musical pipes, which are hidden in marble staircase. The movement of the waves pushes air through the pipes and depending on the movement of the waves or wind, each pipe makes another sound, in fact, sometimes it can be very loud.

You can see plan and section of sea organ below.

On top of the pipes, there are tiny hollows which make a speaker effect.

Coming to the sounds…

Compared to other public space projects, that one creates a communication between architecture, nature and people in a really different way. To be honest, I don’t know if I spend a full day with that sound how I feel, but the atmosphere is worth to see without any doubt!

You can also find more technical information here

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