Before starting your portfolio, there are some considerations we should follow to make a great step into achieving its goal, Here are 5 things to consider when you start your next portfol

– Project Selection:

You should only use your most successful work, a portfolio is not an archive of your work, it is a showcase for the best of the best! Show them your talents, skills and experiences and convince them why they should hire or accept you!

– File size:

Some offices or universities require as minimal size as 5mb, be sure that your file size meets the requirements. Generally no one would like to download 30mb file or even more, so try to make it as small as possible.

– Don’t forget to introduce yourself:

It would be professional if you personalize your portfolio to each position you’re applying to. So you may include the name of the office/university in your cover letter, and attach it to your portfolio. Easy but effective.  

– Design your cover:

The cover is the first thing they are going to look at, you have to design it really well, it should get to the point and clarify to them your style and character.    

– Work with a template:

Working with templates will create consistency in your portfolio and it will make it easier for you when you want to re-arrange it or put a new project. Less is more, don’t put too much information in less pages, that will be confusing!  

Reach Our Portfolio Templates!


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