Listening to music in the background is a must for architecture students. Sometimes we turn up the volume to focus, sometimes because we are too bored sitting in front of the computer. We’ve collected both focussing and motivational playlists from calm to moving. Choose one and play according to your mood!

Instrumental Study

One of the best ways to focus is to listen to instrumental pieces without lyrics. It’s time to disconnect and focus on the “outside world” so to speak. With this 16-hour playlist, you can concentrate well and start drawing. Working in a calm and peaceful atmosphere will increase your success.


Jazz for Study

Let’s continue with those who want to work in a peaceful environment with calm music, this playlist is for you. If you are a jazz music listener, you can catch a very pleasant and motivating atmosphere with the playlist we recommend.

Electronic Focus

If you enjoy electronic music and are overwhelmed with things to do, play the Electronic Focus playlist. One of the best alternatives to stay focused is to start with this calm but enjoyable playlist.

Homework Motivation

All we need is motivation! It is possible to increase motivation and work more efficiently with a little more moving music. With the playlist we recommend, you can listen to music in the style of Indie-Rock while you are drawing. Since architecture students spend most of their time drawing, it is their right to raise their mood with motivating songs.

Motivation Rock

Here is the most mood booster of the playlists! Raise your mood before working or while drawing with the motivational rock playlist. Working in a pleasant environment will be inspiring for you. We wish you success in all your work.

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