Purve Ashok Pancholi
BKC, Mumbai, India
Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture and Design Studies

The project stresses upon the Secondary program integrated with Primary one. In this case a Cinema integrated with Retail Market, but making it a Semi- Open Space with a Central Core in Between which eases up Circulation and gives an interaction space in between. The main aim of this project is to attempt to rethink how the Shopping Retail Market will be economically feasible in the days when Online Shopping has taken over window shopping.

Here enters the concept of Linear Human Circulation which gives an indirect feeling of Street shopping, which Mall designs have lost the touch upon. The roof on the shopping street is made of ACP + Glass which adds up to the sense of Street Shopping. The Central Bridge acts like a joining between the whole plot and Entry to the Cinemas, from level 1. The Cinemas will have limited screenings as it has become essential to not making the places crowded, and the world has learnt it from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There are Anchor Shops (like Departmental Store, Hypermarket, Electronic Store, Apparel Store) which act as an anchor which will always be there in a Shopping Mall/ Market, and are placed in such way to ensure the maximum circulation throughout the mall of the visitor. An Amphitheatre is given and designed so that promotional brand events, small scale workshops, and can also act as a display space for any Art competition.

The Central curved Parametric roof of the bridge with a big long Tree Plantation adds up to the ornamentation and a visual point from outside the site aimed to create a sense of curiosity within the people outside. The project is basically divided into 4 Zones and each have their own standout within the site.


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