As we all know, architecture school is different from all other university departments. These are the schools that prepare architecture students for professional life in a disciplined way. There are some specific topics that you need to be prepared for before you start architecture school. We tried to bring these recommendations together as a guide. But first of all, we wish you all success in architecture school!

Welcome To the  Studio!

One of the most important things you need to be prepared for in architecture school will be studio classes. Most of your classes will be in the studio and will last long hours. Get ready to work in the studio for hours, sketch exams, design lessons, technical drawing workshops!

Studio classes take almost half a day. However, most of the time you have to stay in the studio for longer hours to do your homework and finish the submissions. The best part is being with your friends. While doing your projects and drawings in the studio, you can listen to music and chat with your friends.

Get Ready For Making Models

Especially in the first years of architecture school, you will have homework to improve your model making skills. You will spend a lot of time with your friends in model workshops or studios. You need to improve yourself to get used to making models and to think about the model. Luckily, that’s what studios are for: to cut, paste, break and redo!

Be Open to Critics

It’s time to present your assignments, drawings and models to the professors. These presentations, which are in the development process of your homework or project, include criticisms that will improve you in each lesson. You should consider the criticisms in order to improve your projects, and listen by taking notes. In order to complete your project in the best way, do not forget to look at the words of the professors on the bright side and be open to all criticism. Even ask your friends for criticism. In architecture school, the more criticism you receive, the more you will improve.

Get Lovely Materials

You need a sketchbook to develop your ideas, take notes what comes to mind, analyze your project site or just for abstract thoughts. Sometimes you will even sketch from what you have read and watched in your daily life. Don’t forget the artistic side of architecture and make lovely sketches a part of your life. For this, getting sketch materials, colored markers and various paints will motivate you.

Get Ready For the Excitement of Jury Day!

And the big day! Jury days are exciting days when you will present your projects to professors and guests. In the jury, it is important to summarize your project and explain it with clear and understandable drawings without boring anyone. You will spend sleepless nights and put in a lot of effort to explain the works that you will proudly tell in this day. Improve yourself by taking into account the criticism that will come and enjoy the submission!


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