Peter Wheatcroft

This is an industrial city where people live and work in a dystopian metal and concrete mega structure. The power cables and city utility infrastructure is all exposed to allow for easy maintenance of the various sub systems and components that keep the city working. In the middle is the central business district where the companies and corporations that run the place are headquartered. The sector is connected to the rest of the city by the elevated walkways, as well as a high-speed train terminal which is located at the base of the buildings.

To maintain efficiency and the technological advancement of the city, the Research and Development hub is located to the west of the CBD. This facility with its connections with the commercial areas, allow for quick and easy installation of advanced technologies into the cities frame work. Such as the nuclear power generation facilities which are in the south west areas of the complex.

The residential districts, located on the eastern side are dense and complex neighbourhoods. Police drones patrol the alleyways and the streets to maintain public safety and security. The housing areas finally link up to the university district, a place which archives and catalogues knowledge and information for public distribution.

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