Do you follow innovative and emerging architecture offices in different parts of the world? Let’s talk about these offices that stand out with beautiful and new projects every passing day!

Studio Gang

Studio Gang is an architecture and urban design firm based in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris, founded and managed by Jeanne Gang in 1997. They have concentrated on long-term sustainability. The 82-story Aqua Tower to the 10,000-square-foot Arcus Center are just a few of the firm’s projects. Studio Gang has received multiple design accolades for their work.

Photo Source: Studio Gang Architects · Divisare
Photo Source: Studio Gang Architects | Architecture & Design Dictionary | Chicago Architecture Center
Photo Source: Studio Gang Architects | Architecture & Design Dictionary | Chicago Architecture Center

Faulkner Architects

Greg Faulkner founded Faulkner Architects in 1998 with the goal of creating finely designed, site-sensitive spaces. Throughout the project, a participatory approach between the architect, client, and builder is emphasized, allowing the residents to be directly involved in the design. The structures and professional ties show a strong dedication to the quality of each project. A third of Faulkner Architects’ business is repeat projects for clients who become friends.

The office’s design is influenced by vernacular traditions derived from the culture of the location where the project will be developed.

Photo Source: Faulkner Architects
Photo Source: Miner Road House by Faulkner Architects — anniversary magazine (
Photo Source: Miner Road House by Faulkner Architects — anniversary magazine (
Photo Source: Miner Road House by Faulkner Architects — anniversary magazine (

HOOBA Design

Hooba Design was founded in Tehran in 2009 by architect Hooman Balazadeh. Hooba design focuses on enhancing the interaction function of buildings and the people who live in them by investigating the social, cultural, and aesthetic settings of each project, ensuring that every architectural feature is informed by research.

We can talk about the success of the use of materials and facade design in all works of the office, which stands out with its enormous use of brick.

Photo Source: Hooba Design Group clads Tehran office building in brick panels that adjust to the sunlight – 【Download AUTOCAD Blocks,Drawings,Details,3D,PSD】 (
Photo Source: Valliahdi Office and Commercial Building by Hooba Design Group | Office buildings (
Photo Source: Hooba Design Group wraps Tehran offices in a brick-clad “second skin” (
Photo Source: Hooba Design Group arranges concrete showroom around fish pond and greenery (

Shulin Architectural Design

Architect Chen Lin established Shulin Architectural Design studio in 2015 in Hangzhou, China. The firm focuses on architecture, landscape design, interior design, and product design, with the majority of its projects taking place in rural areas. Shulin Architectural Design insists on beginning with small projects, focusing on rural construction and typology; respecting the authenticity of construction and the locality of materials; studying the relationship between people and the environment and new and old. We can say the aim of the studio is continuously exploring new areas of architecture.

Photo Source: Mountain House in Mist, China by Shulin Architectural Design (
Photo Source: Gallery of Qingxiao Residence / Shulin Architectural Design – 22 (
Photo Source: Fuyang · Yangbei Lake Wetland Ecological Hotel / Shulin Architectural Design | ArchDaily

Mass Design Group 

The MASS Design Group, based in Boston, was founded in 2008 by Alan Ricks and Michael Murphy. MASS Design Group was formed on the belief that architecture has an impact that extends beyond particular structures. MASS (Model of Architecture Serving Society) believes that architecture may help communities confront history, create new narratives, heal collectively, and imagine new possibilities for the future. Their purpose is to investigate, construct, and advocate for architecture that promotes human dignity and justice.

Photo Source: National Building Museum Presents Justice is Beauty: The Work of MASS Design Group | National Building Museum (
Photo Source: Mass Design Group | Tag | ArchDaily
Photo Source: A Visit to Montgomery’s Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice | The New Yorker

Gensler Architects

With 50 offices in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the America; we can say that Gensler is a global architecture, design, and city planning firm. The office, which has over 3,500 active clients in almost every industry. They think that the power of design can inspire good change and create a future that supports equity, resilience, and well-being for all, guided by a resolute optimism. The office tightened the fact of sustainability and climate action focus during the last year with new research, new design skills.

Photo Source: Gensler | ArchDaily
Photo Source: Denver | Offices | Gensler
Photo Source: Gallery of 25 Kent Building / Gensler + HWKN – 4 (

Noa* Network of Architecture

The young team of architects and designers, led by founders Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier and based in Bolzano and Berlin, develops and examines interdisciplinary techniques of design, which are always evolving depending on the nature and requirements of each project. A holistic approach and strategy is important to noa*s style of design, since it follows the concept of “emergence,” where the whole is viewed as significantly bigger than the sum of its parts.

Photo Source: The Ulrichshof / noa* network of architecture | ArchDaily
Photo Source: Floris Hotel / noa* network of architecture | ArchDaily
Photo Source: noa* – network of architecture, Alex Filz · Mohr Life: The theatrical Spa · Divisare


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