The first of the inspiring facade designs is from the successful based in Netherlands architecture office MVRDV, which we can cite as an example with its many projects.

The building, which was designed as a cube, has a very inspiring and characteristic facade design with different surfaces and spaces. We see that materials that are different from each other but with the same design language are used in harmony on the facade. The design has been completed with gaps, permeable materials and reflective surfaces on the facade.

Photo Source: OMA’s Axel Springer’s opens with a dramatic 45-meter-high faceted glass atrium | IGS (

Axel Springer building designed by OMA, stands out in Hamburg, Germany with its unusual design. On the facade designed as if it separates the building from one corner, an aesthetically reflective secondary facade appears both day and night. In this extraordinary design of OMA, we witness the power of volumetric design and the striking effect of different materials from each other on the facade.

Photo Source: Lacime Architects Raises the Curtain To An Elemental Exhibition Hall (

Xiangcheng District Planning Exhibition Hall in China is one of the buildings with successful facade design designed by Lacime Architects. The light and impressive parametric design of the building draws attention with its unusual design that is not boring. In the building, which has a volumetric and parametric design in 3 dimensions, the steel elements that create this effect work as a secondary facade.

Photo Source: Horten headquarters – copenhagen | 3xn architects | 3XN

Horten Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark is a building with a moving and characteristic facade designed by the 3XN architectural office. The building has parallel windows and facade design giving a 3-dimensional effect.

Photo Source:  10 fascinating facades for your Friday inspiration | News | Archinect

Do we need to mention that this interesting building, which is defined as the innovative and modern art center of Miami, has a remarkable facade? With its interesting story, the building has a very characterful stance in Miami Design District. Craig Robbins, Design District executive, began developing a design for the Miami Museum Garage with architect and curator Terence Riley. To design the building’s facade, the partnership chose WORKarc, Jürgen Mayer H., Clavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe, and Riley’s own firm, K/R. Each business was given the option to take a piece of the Miami Museum Garage’s exterior and utilize it to exhibit their artistic credo on one of Miami’s busiest streets.

Photo Source: Miami Museum Garage – Arkitektuel
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