As all architects and interior designers know, the representation method in which the design is best expressed in interior design is rendering. The renders need to work very well with light, materials and details in the interior. With a quality interior rendering, the atmosphere and warmth of the interior are reflected very well. The character and feelings of the place can be fully demonstrated with a good rendering. Lumion enables us to produce quality works in the interior as well as in all renders. Especially, Lumion 12 which is the latest version and with its new features and the latest effects in the interior. In this article, we will look at the beautiful interior renders and features with Lumion 12.

Photo Source: Capture the Beauty of Interior Design | Lumion Architectural Rendering


In Lumion 12 and other versions, we always work on the scene before rendering. The fact that the scene works well with all the details will affect the quality of your render. We will explain in more detail the features that you need to work on the stage one by one. But it is essential that the scene has all the elements you want to show indoors. For example, if you are rendering a living room, the scene you will be working on in Lumion 12 should include the windows or openings, seating areas and lighting of the room.

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Here, the most important thing: lighting! The best display of elements, materials, atmosphere, in short, everything in an interior depends on light. All the details you work on in interior designs where the light is high quality will appear in their best form. By choosing warm-toned lighting lights, you can show the space in a more intimate atmosphere. Apart from artificial lighting, it will be very good to take natural light into the space with the sun effect.

Photo Source: Capture the Beauty of Interior Design | Lumion Architectural Rendering


If we have worked on natural and artificial lights, then it’s time to show the furniture and all the other elements better. Material is a very important issue in architecture and the more realistic materials you work with in renders you will be more successful. Material settings in Lumion 12 are as important as choosing the right material.

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Lumion develops various effects for both indoor and outdoor in its all-around version. We recommend you to take a look at the lighting effects and sky effects that come with Lumion 12. With Effects in Lumion 12, your renders will be more realistic and successful.

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