The “metaverse” is the newest improvement in the technology world. Why Metaverse matters to architects and how designers may play a vital role in the emerging digital economy? As architects, we should understand this amazing development in the virtual world for us!

The global economy is shifting dramatically from the real to the digital, and the integration of the two has increased since the worldwide pandemic. Do you know that? Some brands have recently debuted their latest collection via a video game!

Photo Source: Metaverse | Tag | ArchDaily

Commercial real estate owners are struggling as tenants leave or downsize their workplaces, while video conferencing companies have soared in the face of the pandemic. This new “normal” has altered our work ethic, has hastened the rise of e-commerce, and has changed the way firms operate.

It looks like fashion, games and crypto will be the pioneers of commerce in this universe. However, as always, the real estate industry is in the most popular place in the virtual world.

Photo Source: Metaverse Architecture: Beyond Skeuomorphism — Tara Digital Collective

Metaverse includes artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to build a digital virtual environment in which you can safely and freely engage in social and economic activities that go beyond the boundaries of the actual world, and the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies will be expedited. ArtificiaI intelligence also can be utilized to generate in the design context.

For the value of architecture, we can construct a great universe if we can better define and implement this value.

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