NFT or non-fungible token, also known as a confirmation card, is a digital ledger data unit that is similar to a digital identity and serves as a stand-in for one that cannot be found.

Digital architecture, is a type of this digital creativity. The first NFT-backed digital home was designed sold by Krista Kim for half a million dollars which costs more than a real house in several American cities.

Photo Source: What Is NFT Architecture and How Is It Different from Regular 3D Models? | ArchDaily

Investing in virtual real estate is another popular trend. People can display their NFT art collections, wander around with friends, visit buildings, and attend events in virtual environments such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Somnimum Space. This is an intriguing and potentially lucrative arena for designers to apply their design abilities in the physical world and expand them into the artificial realm.

Photo Source: Welcome To The Next NFT Frontier: Virtual Worlds | Jing Culture and Commerce (

How Will be NFT Architecture? 

Like Krista Kim’s home, which sold for half a million dollars, Andrés Reisinger also designed a furniture collection and sold it for 450 thousand dollars. We can say that these houses and furniture colletion, which are not in real life and sold virtual, are the first monetized designs of NFT and the Metaverse universe. Kim’s Mars House and Reisinger’s furniture are all digital creations that can be auctioned off and owned, but never touched.

Photo Source: How to Create a Virtual Art Gallery ~ Artfunder

The intense interest in designs sold by auction so far surprises everyone. The number of virtual investors and collectibles does not seem insignificant! There will always be skeptics of digital art and design, and the environmental impact of some blockchain traders will likely drive off sustainability-conscious producers till the underlying technology advances further. However,  there’s no doubt that designers can make money at the murky junction of our digital and real worlds.

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