Aikaterini-Eirini Koliamitra + Anastasia Bompou
Parnonas mountain, Peloponissos, Greece

The project was designed in course “Small Scale Places and Artifacts” in 7th semester of Architectural school at University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece in 2019.

The ASTRO is designed to meet the needs of an accomodation in an astronomical park in Parnonas which is a mountain in Greece. One of the first architectural principles was the objective of creating a minimum size space capable of supporting the daily routine of two persons in conjuction with the astro observation process. Each unit, with clean area 2X2m., is surrounded by a prefabricated walls system ,60 inches thick, including household equipment and storage areas.

The construction is framed by a metallic skeleton of prismatic formation which is coated with a semi transparent plastic fabric of polyester for sun protection and shading during the morning hours. About interior fittings and space saving, the property includes folding fitting furniture and mechanisms so that the house parts of the unit to be autonomous.

On the ground floor, there are the kitchen part with the cooking equipment, a space which could be used as dining room or living room and the telescopic ladder with which the transition to the upper and lower levels is achieved. On the attic are installed the observatory stuff as the beds and the storage spaces of personal belongings.

The beds are designed to be folded so they could be used as sofas in the morning hours. In the area of the observatory there are storage areas of objects including a telescope, built-in computer screen and as well as an desk. It is noted that an opening is foreseen on the roof of the unit for the use of the telescope. In the basement (depth 1.1 m) there is the bathroom which is under the hatch.

This room to be used takes the advantage of the space under the attic with the existence of a folding curtain to isolated it, too.Finally, Astro is designed to create an astro observation and habitation experience at the same time for people who visit Parnonas mountain.

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