Uniworks Designs
Greater Noida, NCR region, India
This project has been special for Uniworks and it’s team of architects. Our client Mr. Ashok J. S. is a retired IAS officer who approached us to design his house in Greater Noida, NCR region, India. We had multiple brain storming sessions with Mr. Ashok to precisely understand his requirements, the requirements of his family members and their aesthetics.
In a time  indifferent and mechanical structures seem to have taken precedence, Uniworks envisioned this project as something that grounds it’s inhabitants to their roots. This became exciting for us because this is a multi-generational house – parents, grandparents and the kids all occupy the same space. For us, the building had to be designed in such a way that all the three generations could relate to it, could find elements of their contemporary times in it. Therefore, the first thing that crossed our mind was to work with bricks. Our vision for the way the house looked was to incorporate elements such as a airy spaces, tall ceilings, well lit entrance, planters on the facade so that the building responds to time and nature, and textures of Indian hand loom to tie all these elements together.
The combination of the brick and the Off White while is perhaps the most popular, it is not used here without a thought though. The reason we chose this combination was to bring out the dichotomous relationship between the urban and the rural. Moreover, the planters that we use in the facade work as highlights to carve the contrast sharply.
The area of the plot is 1800 sq ft and the built area is around 3000 sq ft. Divided into three floors, the house has turned out to be a building that both stands out among it’s neighbors and yet fits perfectly well among them. But what has made us the most proud is that our client and their family are glad to call it their home.
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