Pablo D. Padrón C.
Las Mercedes Urbanization, Caracas, Venezuela
Central University of Venezuela

In the presence of a land with great commercial and residential importance, three types of space are configured that, together, rather than compose a proposal that generates a response to the given approach and an urban continuity, seek to give something back to the community. With the aim of achieving an integration of society with the urban aspect using art and culture as the main tools; there is a building that works on topics such as natural lighting, the configuration of spaces that generate a dynamic environment through the use of double heights and the articulation of the different modules of the program around a central axis. In the same way it happens with the individual program of the apartments, where their different components are articulated around a central axis. In all its extension the building is able to illuminate during the day totally with natural light; through the incorporation of english playgrounds, light sockets and different types of holes. Both in the apartments, in the lower body as well as in the axis of articulation and circulation.

As permanent users you can find different resident artists with ages between 20 and 60 years old. The set of variable users is configured by people to the residence, all public.

In the outer space a plaza with the presence of open areas incorporates variable users into the building, providing them with a place to participate and even organize activities that promote cultural integration.

The intermediate space appears an art gallery, auditoriums, a cafeteria and a bookstore; promoting the integration among users, the exchange of thoughts and opinions allowing them to also relate in depth to the environment. It incorporates double heights and interesting spaces for the development of activities. As well as the possibility of having two completely different auditoriums, one of them being able to light up during the day with natural light.

Finally, the interior space is configured between duplex apartments that are articulated to the central core by large trusses that act as containers. Through the housing-work study behavior, they generate flexible spaces capable of satisfying the needs of the resident artists, providing them with a place to work on their projects; internal playgrounds, as well as a terrace of their own. And even allowing them to develop different workshops in order to transmit their knowledge and contribute to the maintenance of the building.

Digital content:4 cuts, two longitudinal and two transversal.4 facades5 plants; ground floor, a residential plant and three underground floors.1 floor ceiling with context.1 isometry.3 conceptual collages.1 plane context.Multiple photos.

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