Enrico Capanni & Arianna Giulianelli & Roberto Miglionico & Andrea Pintus
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The intervention intends to restore the monumentality of the ruin, recreating the foundation act of the Castle, namely the creation of the surrounding wall. It becomes the base, on top of which stands the construction. It is the representation of the comparison between ancient and new, and the relationship between landscape and ruins. This approach is completely different from the one adopted inside the Rocca, where the ruins become a fence.

The new dry building cover what was already there, though it never touches it. The monolitic basement is separated from the surrounding walls by the promenade running around the Castle. The inner space is devoted to the discovery of the site and the surrounding environment.

It is made up of three parts: the first one is a construction covering the archeological remains like a shell; the second is a system of cantilevered paths, which offer the visitors different points of view and lead to the last one, the extension of the Mastio tower. It houses the “camera obscura”, an alternative point of view, in which the landscape projects itself inside the room.

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