Valentina Scarton

People with dementia have a very fragmented perception of reality, linked to confused memories of what they live and have lived. This affects both the perception of space and the way of orienting oneself inside the buildings.

The building as a single unit is totally questioned, everything what is normally a symbol of stability and stiffness loses meaning.

The breaking of the grid that holds a project together in our mind leads to perceive space in a non-unitary way, it decomposes into visions, into fragments, held together by multiple and undefinable paths.

This is the starting point for the reflections that gave birth to this project.

The project is a bond of fragments.

Between pre-existing and new buildings, between past and present, between memory and loss.

It manifests itself as a ribbon that gathers together several architectural episodes, making the complex a single large building.

Each area gives way to another naturally identified however by a fragment of the whole, a pre-existence, a color, a garden, which stimulate a memory.

A building to be discovered while crossing it, no path is required either defined a priori, leaves free will to those who live it, a sensitive container.

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