Mirah Samran
Walled City, Lahore, Pakistan

The site is located in Walled City, Lahore near the new Food Street. On the North-West side of the site, there is the famous Badshahi Mosque and on the North-East, Lahore Fort is located. These are one of the oldest and iconic Buildings of Lahore built during Mughal Period.


My aim is to design the Hammam spaces with small pocket spaces with varying ceiling heights as to provoke the spatial experiences in a person while they move towards the end of the space.

The main idea is to let natural light be the main guide as a stark spot to make a climax point on the point of attraction, while the spot spreads out to get more and more dim and use artificial light to be only functional which would mean more aperture spaces.

Allowing the direct light to hit the surface and spread in all the directions making small gloomy spaces at the ends. Moving from the reception one would pass through the changing rooms, locker rooms and all the way to steam room and the massage room. Both the male and the female portions would be separate from the other, having the café serving as the common space for everyone.




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