Seoul, South Korea

The area is adorned with chestnut trees, presenting a naturally undulating terrain. As one steps onto the property, the sensation of traversing through a dense woodland emerges, soon revealing the picturesque scenery of Mount Suri, framed by a valley. The mountain’s appearance varies with the time of day and the seasons, offering an ever-changing backdrop.

The concept behind this project was to enable visitors to immerse themselves in the forest, stay at the site, and carry the essence of this experience back home. The design seeks to blend modern elements with the essence of Korean nature and culture. ‘Glamtree’ symbolizes a fusion of a luxurious camping structure and the richness of nature. This concept is brought to life through the land’s inherent beauty and the distinctive, art-inspired camping structures, echoing the forms of forest leaves and pebbles, thereby crafting a harmonious Glamtree environment.

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Upon reaching Glamtree, guests are greeted by a parking area bordered by a stone wall along a wooded trail. This wall, constructed from local stones, reflects a deep appreciation for the pre-existing natural elements. Traversing this path, adorned with grasses and wildflowers, leads to a welcoming hub for visitors.

This welcome center is distinctively triangular, complementing the land’s edge. Its architecture merges seamlessly with nature, featuring a levitating roof, making one feel enveloped by the forest even inside the structure. It serves multiple functions: a reception area, dining facility, and café. Overlooking the valley, the center includes both an indoor spa and an outdoor infinity pool. Central to the structure is a forest courtyard, incorporating a natural staircase that descends into the valley. This area connects to a seminar room and a cinema, and further down, a conference space with valley views. This design embraces the site’s topography, offering diverse natural encounters.

Credit: Glamtree resort within nature | ArchiWorkshop (

Glamtree boasts an array of activities within its forest. It features overnight glamping pavilions, a nature studio, and two treehouses.

The pavilions, nestled along the forest’s gentle slopes and interspersed with small trails, mimic the pattern of leaf veins. Their design draws inspiration from various leaf and pebble shapes, with the LEAF GLAMPING PAVILION exhibiting dynamic, circular, and sleek linear boomerang forms. Each pavilion offers a unique external space and perspective to relish forest time.

Credit: Glamtree resort within nature | ArchiWorkshop (

Reflecting on the dedication and effort poured into Glamtree’s creation, we honor the site’s natural character and its integration with the land. We eagerly anticipate the diverse experiences visitors will have, further enhancing the site’s allure.

Credit: Glamtree resort within nature | ArchiWorkshop (
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