Mauro Izarra, Arianna Torres & Fabrizio Santoro
Camurí Grande, Vargas, Venezuela

The Central Coast represents for the city of Caracas a facade to the world, it has historically been a door to the capital from other nations and a place with particular conditions for the enjoyment of the citizens. After the Tragedy of Vargas, the state has been in poor condition, with plans for development and rebuilding being executed to a limited potential.

In context of a master plan for the development of the community of Camurí Grande, a strategical and systematic proposal is presented for the long extension of beaches in this coast. Making use of transversal and longitudinal conditions, as well as using typologies from the spot as a starting point along with inspiration from Venezuelan culture and vernacular elements, the project is centered on the creation of building programs that contribute to local economy, tourism and sense of identity, solving issues along the 3.5 kilometers of beach that make up the sector, weaving the sea with the town and the mountain to give a new facade of the city from the Caribbean Sea.

The three main projects that compromise this development are a Fishing Pier, a Fish Market and a Recreation and Sports Center.

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