Nathanael Hanli & Veren Calisca & Ibnu Zena Sunanda
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
@nathanael2512 & @verencalisca & @izenasunanda

Sanur is one of the most popular beach in the island of Bali, situated on a 5.1 km coastline. Located on the east coast of the island, visitors could watch beautiful sunrise from Sanur, thus earning its nickname, “Sunrise of the World”. According the locals, the name Sanur itself came from the local words of “Saha” and “Nuhur” which mean “asking permission to enter ones house” as the beach was known as the main port of ancient Balinese kingdom.

Nowadays, aside of its massive beach tourism activities, Sanur also acts as a port for those who want to cross nearby islands such as Lombok, Penida, and Lembongan through ferries and speedboats. The challenge then is to accommodate the port activities amid the already overcrowded beach.

Bale Leneng (Bale: House, Leneng: to sit and have a chat) try to integrate a mixture of program which have existed in Sanur Beach into an architectural form resembling the stairways common to Balinese temple and houses, as a place for the tourist to sit, interact with the locals, and watch the sunrise or other events. The stairways typology is combined with ramp to facilitate a bike park on top of the stairs which the tourists could rent to explore the 5.1 km coastline of Sanur Beach.

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