Nathanael Hanli & Veren Calisca & Vito Wijaya
Palu, Indonesia
@nathanael2512 & @verencalisca & @vitowijaya

Top 25 of Archfest 2019 Competition

Stories hold an integral part in our civilization. Aside of explaining natural phenomenon through myths, stories also serve as a medium to preserve local wisdom and tradition so that they could be inherited to children for generations to come.

In Palu, natural phenomenons such as earthquake, tsunami, or even liquification and the traditional mitigation system for those disaster were passed down thgough generations by the local Kaili people in the form of children stories known as “Tutura”. Unfortunately, modernization concealed them from our recent memories and when disaster struck, we were left without any anticipation.

Banua Tutura (Storytelling House) aims to revive Tutura tradition in an architectural form of interactive storytelling. Disaster tales of Lingu, Bombatalu, and Nalonjo are translated into spatial sequences as a traumatic play platform, hoping that the children could express their disaster trauma through thematic motoric and sensoric play, as well as preserving the local wisdom for the future generations.

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