Jordi Barri Segon + Albert Nogueras Tarrero + Pauline Personeni + Miriam Del Castillo Soler + Xavier Zanuy Justribó + Genís Garcia Borràs + Simon Oudiette
Santa Eulalia De Ronçana, Spain
2021 + @jordi_barri + @pa.per.narratives +

Dense vegetation that contributes to the urban biodiversity, a simple sweet stand with a strong personality, a large place to relax, share and enjoy.

The new design for the “Plaça Onze de Setembre” aims to renew the old plaza’s identity by introducing a new vibrant and singular design that makes the plaza “A Place” for the Sta. Eulàlia neighbors, to meet, to simply be and enjoy.

As the main strategy, the proposal introduces a new dense canopy that wants to promote the space as a green oasis in the middle of the urban fabric, creating, for future visitors, the feeling of being within a dense forest. This green mass conceals the different programmatic areas and shapes the plaza itself. It also generates infiltration areas that work as active rainwater managers and provides a big fresh shade over the plaza and children areas preventing overheating. The new plaza also responds to flexible program demand, being versatile enough to host all types of events like markets, fairs, and event music concerts.

The plaza then is complemented by a little, simple shaped but with a playful identity sweet kiosk. This tiny construction hosts a local sweet business but it also creates a focal point in the plaza recognizable for everyone.

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