In recent years, online meetings, business meetings, and even home-office work have become indispensable for all areas of our lives compared to the past. In particular, architects and the construction industry are particularly interested in online meetings and networks in project development and management. Architects attach importance to establishing social and professional networks in order to become more popular and recognizable in almost every period. We can say that creating such networks develops through online platforms in this field, as in every other subject.

It is a necessity for architects to develop their online networks in this period when all our work is carried out online. No matter how well you do, your online network must be well developed for your office or individual architectural identity to be recognized. Developing your career goals depends on the strong establishment of online networks. Your online networks help you reach more people.

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Architects and students of architecture must find online ways to build and develop professional networks. Do you want to learn helpful tips for building and developing online networks?

First of all, we all know that it is not possible to separate your profession from your social life. As it is inevitable to continue your social life as an architect, you should also manage your social media accounts with this identity. We recommend that you at least create a professional social media profile.

If you do not have a LinkedIn membership, where you will only develop your networks in professional life, you must register and write about your competencies and experiences. Recently, many architects and architecture students are finding job and internship opportunities on LinkedIn.

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In addition, it is important to upload content to sites such as Behance where you will share your portfolio and architectural content. Such websites and platforms will enable you to develop your networks through your business, especially if they include your social media accounts and e-mail information. You should keep the information on these platforms that people who review your work can easily reach you, it is important for them to reach you after your portfolio.

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