What kind of gifts can be given to architects who are tired physically and mentally during long working hours to make them happy? In this article, we will give you gift suggestions that will make valuable architects happy on their special days. We will recommend gifts that architects will enjoy in their spare time and will be useful for them while working in the office. The rest of the article includes gifts for both male and female architects that they will never say “no”.

About Coffee!

Photo Source: Creativity And Caffeine – How & Why Architects Love Coffee (architecturelab.net)

Let’s follow the principle of “coffee is a part of design” and start our gift preferences with one of the favorite things of architects. Coffee is indispensable for architects who work late or design for long hours. It can be a good idea to buy gifts that they can use while drinking coffee both at home and in the office. You can give gifts related to coffee to your spouse, lover or architect friends that will make them happy.

These gifts can be quality and special flavored coffees, mugs, thermos or glasses according to their taste. Preparing a coffee corner in their offices or homes will motivate architects a lot. You can gift them the items needed for this coffee corner. Also, gifting them a coffee machine to make a variety of coffees should be a wonderful choice.

Remember that sometimes there are things more valuable than buying gifts. Having a nice coffee and a good time with an architect who you want to make happy can also be a wonderful gift to her/him!


You can gift green plants that remind you of your busy work in the office environment. While green plants contribute to the decoration of the office, they can be a gift that architects remember you when they see you working on their desks. It will be very motivating to present a plant with a note telling that you love them to all architects, male or female.

Do not forget to pay attention to whether the office receives sunlight and the living conditions of the plants. Depending on these conditions, you can choose indoor plants with or without flowers. A living plant that they will take care of for many years would make a pretty good gift.

Photo Source:The 7 Best Office Plants To Enhance Any Workspace (bondcollective.com)

Computing Staffs

All architectural projects are completed on equipped computers using professional software. Among the gifts you can choose, there may be items to have a pleasant time while sitting at the computer.

Gifts that will beautify work areas even affect the production of architects. If you want to make your loved ones architects happy with a gift, make choices that will make them smile when they are most tired. For example, you can give them a great headset and have a good time while they are drawing. In addition,You can gift it from electronic accessories that we see different and beautiful models every day, such as comfortable mouse, mouse pad, Bluetooth keyboards.  There is no architect who would say no to gifts that will make their working time more enjoyable and easier.

Markers Sketching Pencils

Photo Source:Sketching — Blog | 30X40 Design Workshop (thirtybyforty.com)

Architects do not drop their sketchbooks and pens at any stage of the project. Sketching is a kind of life style for most of the architects. If you want to make them happy, you can give lovely markers or sketch pens as well as quality sketchbooks. They will be very happy if you contribute to their marker and sketch pen collections. Between us, the most guaranteed gift choices for architects are stationery products!

Lego Architecture

Photo Source: What is Lego Architecture? Here Is the Complete Story – Arch2O.com

You can present Lego as a gift for architects to have a pleasant time in their spare time from their busy working hours. You can choose any work you want from the architecture series of Lego.


A good architect is also a good researcher and reader. They read many books and beneficial sources before designing their projects. Therefore, when you want to buy gifts for architects, you can take a look at books that suit their interests. You can prefer the books that are not in their library.By gifting the books of famous architects and inspirational offices, you can ensure that the architects are inspired by the books. Besides, you can identify the missing serial books in their library and make a thoughtful gift.

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