Do you need some space around your property but don’t know where to start? Finding a place to put an additional car or a load of furniture you have lying around can be a big headache, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you need shelter for your vehicles or you’re planning to design an office space, plenty of clever ideas can help you make the most of what your property offers.

By tapping into your creative side and making some strategic preparations, you can develop some innovative solutions for your storage needs around your property.

If you lack creativity and are puzzled about where to go next, read through this guide with our five ideas for extra vehicle and storage solutions.

Why Homeowners Want Extra Space

When you first move into a home, you’ll think you have all the space in the world. But after a while, your belongings increase, and you might have invested in a new vehicle, so you’ll need all the space you can get.

While having some additional area for storage is the main goal for many, there are some other reasons why homeowners might want more space, such as:

  • Protect your goods: You can store your vehicle and goods where nobody can get their hands on them.
  • Increases the resale potential: A storage solution like a garage adds value to your home if you ever sell it.
  • Organization: Allows you to store your extra vehicle, clear up your front drive, and make things look more organized.

Our Storage Ideas

Double Wide Garages

Photo credit: Alexander Vilinskyy

What better way to make space for another vehicle than investing in a two-car garage? These structures have space for two cars and can be made in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

The roofs feature 40-year metal roof tuff ribs, so you can bet your two automobiles will be safe no matter the weather conditions. You can go for a floorless model or one erected on a sturdy concrete base. They don’t just have to be for cars either; one side can be for a vehicle while the other could be for homeware storage or an office.

Sealable Trailers

If you have a bit more space to play with and are more focused on protecting your car, a sealable trailer could be a good option. They’re quite a sizable addition to a garden, but you can fit a lot in them. Sometimes, even a couple of vehicles can be squeezed in, depending on your desired dimensions.

Car Lifts

If you own a shed that is decent in height but barely any width, consider purchasing a car lift.

A two-post car lift with a sharing column can stack one vehicle over another inside an enclosed space without damaging either car. Usually, there’s a metal separating floor between the two, so if anything happens to the one above, the one below is protected.

Be mindful that the car lift must be suitable for the space you want to use it, so make sure you have someone check your home out before buying one.

Car Ports

Carports are a great way to store several cars without breaking the bank. On average, they cost $3,600 to build, whereas a garage can cost up to $28,660. Usually, homeowners don’t need planning permission to build them, which is why they’re considerably more affordable.

Carports come in various styles, such as:

  • Standalone carports: Freestanding structures that are not attached to anything and are built with four different pillars.
  • Attached carports: One side or more of the port is constructed on a house’s side.
  • Cantilever carports: Three sides of the carport are exposed, while the other has dual support columns on a single side.
  • Flat roof carports: Basic design where the roof is entirely flat and spreads out over a specific area for protection.

Underdeck Storage

If you have a deck in your garden, you could utilize the space under it for storage. Homeowners often leave this area underneath idle, but if there’s enough there, you could quickly transform it into a storage spot.

All you need to do is clear out under it without destroying the deck above and freshen it up with some new panels and a lovely shade of paint. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece as long as you can comfortably fit your vehicle in there.

Be sure to not put your vehicle under there without waterproofing its roof. You can install a ceiling and an under-deck drainage system so nothing gets ruined during a downpour.

Begin Organizing Your Storage Space Now!

These 5 vehicle and storage solutions will help you find extra room for your belongings. You might only have a small budget to work with, but that’s perfectly fine; with the right tools and expertise, you can build many of these on your own.

Not only will you have somewhere to put whatever you want to store, but you’ll also add some more organization to your property. And even value if you ever want to sell it.

Make sure you look into our architectural tips if you need inspiration for integrating your project with your home.

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