Sketching is the most authentic form of “thinking like an architect”. As every architect’s thoughts are different, their sketches are also different from each other. Everyone has their own unique lines and sketching techniques. All successful architects, including famous architects, start the project by sketching, initial ideas are always drawn on paper with free lines. But, why? Why do we sketch when digital drawings have become so popular? Let’s talk about the importance of sketching constantly, from architecture school to professional life!

..Because Sketching is Fun!

Here is the biggest advantage: sketching is fun! Colorful markers, sketchbooks, papers, pens… The most valuable objects of the architect are obviously sketch materials. It’s a lot of fun to draw your ideas into your sketchbooks with these lovely materials. It will be great to fill the sketchbooks which will be your mind-book, with your own drawings.


Do you think that sketching develops your inspiration? If you have a sketchbook with you, you will draw what you see on the streets where you walk, in a city where you travel to with your own techniques. While making these drawings, you will approach buildings and cities from a different perspective. Constant sketching will improve your architectural perspective and allow you to be inspired by what you see.

Have Character

As we said at the beginning of the article, the way of thinking is different for everyone, so your sketches with your ideas will also be in your style. Although not in the beginning, it is inevitable that over time your drawings will have character. For example, take a look at the end of your sketchbook and you will see that your lines gain character consistently. These lines will be reflected in your designs in the future and will enable you to become an architect with character.

To Be Free

One of the great things about sketching is that you have no limits. You can make as many sketches as you want, at any scale and technique. Although digital drawings are very popular and essential for representation, they are not a substitute for sketching. Because the sketchbook and pen do not limit you and you feel it with all your senses.

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