Digital sketching has been popular in recent years for both architects and other design disciplines. Architects use drawing pads to draw your sketches and ideas in addition to their digital drawings. Post-productions, illustrations and other visualization techniques to support architectural presentations can be made on digital tablets. We recommend getting a tablet to customize architectural presentations and make them in a more original way.

In addition, it will be very practical to make sketches, which is the technique that we all use most, on your digital tablet. If you’re new to digital sketching, here’s some advice for you!

First, decide for what purpose you are sketching. 3rd hand of architects are sketchbooks, are you going to make sketches to express your ideas? For example, you may need sketching to develop your project ideas and search for concepts. In this case, you should have a tablet pen and a tablet suitable for any digital drawing. You can make your sketches using Sketchbook Pro and similar applications.

Photo Source: Creating an Urban Sketch Journal • Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

If you are going to improve your architectural presentations and prepare better images, import the base or outline of your drawings through applications such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Then you can bring your drawings to a better version with the pen types and brushes you choose from the application.

Photo Source: Morpholio Launches Smart Fill Area Calculator for Trace App | Architect Magazine

Our advice to architects who are new to digital sketching is to try all brushes and pencil types and choose a color palette that suits them before starting their sketches.

It is important to master the brushes and pens on the application that you will make digital sketches to achieve successful sketches. Besides, the best visuals are always possible by working on the color palette. With a good color palette, you will get a very good aesthetic result for your sketches.

Photo Source: Gallery of What Is Sketching in the Digital Age? – 1 (

Thinking while sketching is possible with a quality digital drawing tablet like the Ipad Pro. In addition, if you make architectural presentations with your own digital sketches instead of the renders and two-dimensional drawings we are used to, it will be original and different. Digital sketching, especially for 3D drawings, allows you to present the atmosphere and feeling of the space in a very efficient and artistic way.

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