Lumion, which is one of the most preferred rendering software recently, is practical to use. Lumion can be integrated with many modeling software. Below we’ve rounded up best YouTube channels for learning Lumion and what you need to know for quality rendering in Lumion.

Show it Better

Show it Better is one of the pages with the widest architectural presentation content on both YouTube and Instagram. The YouTube channel of this page, which has a mission to teach architectural presentation techniques and share inspiring content, is among our main recommendations to you. You can learn about Lumion from this channel by following their playlist of “Lumion Tutorials”. You can also learn how to improve your presentations with post-production and architectural illustrations after the render.

Architecture Inspirations 

The Architectural Inspiration channel has inspiring rendering content just like its name. There are many videos that teach how to get quality rendering not only from Lumion but also from software such as Vray and Enscape. In this channel, you can learn where and how you can download 3d models, effects, plugins to Lumion for a quality render. You can access all the videos about Lumion with the playlist titled “Lumion Tutorials”.


The official Lumion YouTube channel uploads tutorial videos for almost all currently used Lumion versions. With the Lumion channel, you can learn all the details of Lumion step by step. Belonging to many options from lighting to material quality.

You can find detailed tutorial videos. In addition, you will learn about the new features coming to Lumion first hand.


You will learn a lot from this channel with countless tips on Lumion and tutorial videos for many versions. You can watch most everything you need to get quality rendering, including Lumion animation renders, on the YOGA4ARCH channel.

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