Looking for a job is not just fun. It is a tedious process to choose the right firms and prepare your resume and portfolio and apply for those firms with emails.  At the same time, it is even more tiresome to choose for the employers from the stack of applications received. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind to get a job in the best architecture studios.

  1. Basics are always the basis

Looking for the best architecture studio to work in does not mean, you have to do something that nobody has done. Basics are always the basis for any firm to join. As a fresher or professional seeking a job, you should always have a concise portfolio and a clean resume whether online or in a booklet. These are anytime the fundamentals to get a job.

Source: https://www.estliving.com/interview-with-b-e-architecture-2/

But stop thinking that a cover letter, a portfolio, and a resume will get your phone ring off the hook. It is important to have your resume and portfolio online so that when you see a potential employer, you can promote yourselves.

  1. Be prepared
Source: https://www.archdaily.com/909080/how-to-get-a-job-at-a-top-architecture-firm-in-the-us

Starting from a practical level, always have extra copies of your resume and portfolio. Of course, also be prepared for an interview where you talk about your past experiences and strengths. Also, have specific questions ready to ask your interviewer(s) to show your genuine interest in their studio’s work.

Lastly, the company you’re applying to will certainly run an internet search on you, so prepare your personal online brand. It is always useful to have your LinkedIn profile updated with your recent jobs and stay active on all other social media platforms.

  1. Talk to people and learn new skills

Always unique knowledge gets you easily into the job amidst the pool of applications. So, if you get a chance to learn a new skill that is of long-term use, master the skill. If you do not have any such opportunity, create one. Talk to new people and try to learn new skills from them.

Connect with more people in your industry. You do not know when are your contacts going to be professionals. If you surround yourself with professionals in architecture and related fields, you can build meaningful relationships and get to know the local community of designers. This will help in future endeavors.

Source: https://www.archdaily.com/156525/how-to-get-hired-at-an-architecture-firm-five-simple-step
  1. Show up
Source: https://www.archdaily.com/156525/how-to-get-hired-at-an-architecture-firm-five-simple-steps

The individuals who are ‘in the game’ are likely to be hired more by the employers. Showing up on time and ‘get them done’ attitude is profoundly more memorable than a stack of resumes.  Keep tabs on the firms that you are most interested in. They likely deliver lectures, attend architecture & community events, and conduct workshops. Use social media to track the events they’re involved with and get them on your calendar.

  1. Be yourself

Always be yourself. Do not tweak yourselves to get into a firm. Show interviewers what you are passionate about instead of trying to go with what you think they are looking for. Make sure you act professionally throughout the process but do not forget to be honest to yourself as well or your inconvenience in playing a role will show. It helps to have some stories ready about past work experiences that you think show who you are and how you work.

  1. Don’t get discouraged
Source: https://apmh.in/blogs

If you don’t get a job the first time, or even maybe after 10 times,  never ever give up! If a firm does not hire you, it is not always that you do not meet up the expectations. They may have hung out for some information to contact later. Be persistent in your efforts to apply to lots of companies. If you are waiting for a job, without applying for anything new, you are limiting your possibilities. Remember, the more people see your work, the more chances you get to your dream job sooner.

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