This year, ANTA announced its new strategy to focus on professional sports gear for the public. Aligned with its core strategy, the brand has upgraded its retail system based on its commitment to “breakthroughs in professionalism and continuous advancement.” This further accentuates the brand’s DNA rooted in professional sports, with a storytelling narrative around the concept of “the Olympic Palace.”

Located on Wangfujing Street in Beijing, a commercial hub steeped in rich historical context, the project stands as one of ANTA’s premier flagship stores. Drawing inspiration from the Olympic spirit, STILL YOUNG met the brief with a creative design that responds to the genius loci and encapsulates the brand’s vision of meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable sports technology. The goal is to cultivate a fresh scenography, inviting consumers to explore and establishing the store as an alluring haven for sports enthusiasts.

This flagship store spans three floors, covering an expansive area exceeding 500 square meters. Its design revolves around the themes of the Olympics and technology genes, resulting in a space that is futuristic and stylish. The facade design incorporates local elements by translating traditional bricks into transparent glass, which exudes a technological essence. This unique element serves as a key motif throughout the entire space.

The iconic central arch on the facade is a symbolic fusion of Deshengmen Gate in Beijing and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, representing the spirit of the Olympics. The uniquely crafted track, adorned with warm yellow lighting, symbolizes the radiance of victory. Illuminated by spotlights, nine mannequins dressed in award ceremony outfits inside the show windows underscore the profound connection between the brand and the Olympics, while highlighting the brand’s identity of “keep moving.”

A Lab-style Space

The first floor functions as a display area for footwear, inspired by modern laboratories and technology. Cool-toned metal and frosted acrylic lines are employed to evoke a visually dynamic fusion of rhythm and technology. The central island mimics the vibrant rhythm of a pulsating heartbeat, enhanced by pulsed and breathing lights that display a spectrum of colors and temperatures across different scenarios, capturing the energetic essence of sports.

The design blends technology with sustainability in the realm of sports, drawing decorative elements from ANTA’s products, technology, and futuristic concepts. Adapting to material forms, fabric textures, and surface patterns, these elements become part of the building and the interior decor.

The lighting design elevates product display, and plays a pivotal role in defining the interior. Through vibrant layering and dynamic light changes, it invites consumers to delve deeper into the space. The side panel walls feature breathing lights that simulate the states of the products when pressed and rebound. The lighting, inspired by themes like the Olympics, technology, and environmental protection, introduces the vibrant shifts in bright colors, such as orange, blue, purple, and green. This generates a dynamic visual effect, and highlights the space’s fusion of fashion and technological ambiance complemented by LED screens.

Immersive Experience

On the second floor, a diverse collection of professional sportswear and equipment is thoughtfully showcased. Metal and airbag modules are integrated into the space for product display, while semi-transparent materials and sleek vertical lines contribute to a futuristic atmosphere. Meanwhile, helium technology is woven into the design of the display racks, complementing the presentation of ANTA’s environmentally friendly materials. The space is enriched with distinctive details specially tailored for the brand, showcasing adaptability and versatility in display design. Notably, the display racks on the side are crated with flexible A-pillars, which can be adjusted by utilizing the seams of the panels.

The centerpiece of the second floor space is the Olympic Champions-themed display island. Capable of a 360-degree rotation, it is integrated with videos to showcase Olympic programs and spotlight the glorious moments of Olympic champions supported by ANTA. This creates an immersive Olympic experience for customers. The display shelf is adaptable in height, allowing flexibility to accommodate various new products across seasons. Moreover, with considerations into the display and replenishment needs for various SKUs, STILL YOUNG thoughtfully incorporated storage functions to alleviate warehousing pressures.

The apparel section highlights a feeling of fluidity and comfort, inviting customers to freely explore a diverse range of sportswear and the corresponding sports scenes. The wall pattern behind the cashier extends the design motif from the glass bricks on the facade, providing a distinctive expression of local identity.

Cultural Resonance

The third floor is conceived as ANTA’s sports museum. A comfortable lounge area is bathed in the ambient glow of frosted acrylic and white lighting, creating a warm and dignified atmosphere akin to a palace. On the walls are photographs that chronicle the history of ANTA, capturing pivotal moments in the Olympic history, and highlighting the achievements and stories of athletes. Additionally, a dedicated display area is set up to showcase premier sports products. Here, customers can engage with these cutting-edge products, learn about ANTA’s exceptional achievements in technology and design, and gain further insights in both sports and the core values upheld by the brand.

The product display section on either side employs fixed structural columns to exhibit a diverse array of equipment tailor-made for Olympic champions. This offers customers a tangible connection to the glory of the Olympics, and creates a sense of ritual that momentarily transports them from their daily routine. The mannequin showcases are crafted with illuminated prefabricated modules, integrating the brick elements from the store facade to maintain a cohesive design language.

The fitting room is entirely crafted from silver matte metal. Seamlessly blending the brand’s visual aesthetics with functionality, every detail highlights the brand’s spirit and identity. This space stands as an exemplary homage to the Olympic spirit, effortlessly incorporating the brand’s culture and history into its setting. This floor is intended to inspire individuals to embrace a passion for sports, immersive them in the dynamism of sports, and unlock their athletic potential.

In this project, STILL YOUNG translated cohesive visual elements and an engaging design into a vibrant shopping experience. Through innovative expressions and material transformation, the design created fresh visual effects that enhances a sports brand’s space, fostering stronger connection and resonance with consumers.

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