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Wenjiang District, Chengdu

Renown as “a land of abundance, a scenic city equally famous as Suzhou and Hangzhou in Sichuan”, Chengdu is characterized by diversified cultures, unpretentious and elegant heritage, chic and open atmosphere, and broad inclusiveness. It is a city with a unique charm of integrated classical and modern appeal.

Angsana Chengdu Wenjiang is located in Wenjiang district in the heart of Chengdu Plain. Known as “Jin Wenjiang”, the prosperous municipal district enjoys fertile land and abundant products. At a street’s distance from the Chenjia Yard, a comprehensive courtyard-style ancient architectural complex built in the Qing dynasty, the hotel is embraced by gorgeous natural landscapes and endowed with a profound historical heritage.

The hotel accommodates various outdoor facilities, such as Vpark pump track, greenway for cycling, camping space, pet park and tennis court to offer engaging and enriching experiences for guests. Following the philosophy of “Being Yourself, Being Natural”, Angsana Chengdu Wenjiang creates an urban micro-vacation lifestyle to “make those who come delighted and welcome guests from far away”.

Garden courtyard with bamboo fence

A picturesque scene

Opposite the historical and ancient building complex of the Chenjia Yard, the hotel features a typical western Sichuan-style courtyard decorated with a bamboo fence, which is fully presented by various design elements including the sloping roof, gray tiles, log walls and bamboo weaving art. Every detail is simple and natural with the authentic charm of Chengdu.

The landscape and hotel echo with each other to create a picturesque scene, a reflection of the human mood. Every stone, tree, grass and flower injects a natural and agile ambiance, while the wandering clouds and molted sunlight nourish the soul constantly.

With a calm mind, everything becomes tender and the soul becomes ethereal. As traceless clouds float away and winds blow with a trace, every day in the garden courtyard appears as a nice and beautiful day.

Leaving space for nature and sunlight, the hotel brings guests back to the realm of nature by presenting the unique naturalness, simplicity, seclusion and openness of Eastern courtyards.

A courtyard filled with pure moonlight, a spot for relaxing entertainment

The garden courtyard with bamboo fence offers a poetic lifestyle. Though designed and constructed by man, the garden courtyard is like a masterpiece by nature, creating a tranquil, peaceful and poetic courtyard lifestyle isolated from the hustle and bustle of the modern city.

The natural lighting of the patio and the warmth from the bonfire endow the interior with more natural spirits.

A pool of water mirrors the hibiscuses, with lovely blossoms in deep and light red

Chengdu boasts beautiful blossoms of all kinds since the ancient time. A poem once described that the entire city was covered by flowers and surrounded by thousands of hibiscuses. Based on the context, artworks in the shape of blooming hibiscuses adorn the background behind the reception desk gracefully and exquisitely. Their red color draws inspiration from the saturated red of hibiscuses after rain, which symbolizes the vitality of plants in spring and expresses the expectation and love for life.

The scenery changes with the cycle of four seasons, while the vibe depends on the people. The hotel acts as a spiritual spot built on the basis of local nature, art, humanity and culture. With nature and art connected by means of time, the hotel adopts innovative materials, colors and embellishments to create an ambiance with long-lasting charm.

Exquisite Sichuan embroidery integrates traditional aesthetics into scenic urban life. Under the outline and rendering of light, the indoor and outdoor scenery blend to be linked to emotions. In such a venue, beauty and life coexist while daily life and nature interdepend on each other.

Both a paradise and a world of hustles and bustles

Enjoy busy life and take a day off to relax. The arrangement and organization of space leave potential for recollecting and thinking. The hotel allows guests to start again from a new refreshing day in the spiritual scene and discover the eternal beauty of life via wisdom.

Lots of calm wood colors and simple red bricks are applied in the space to achieve a contrast between modern and traditional elements, resulting in a charm brought by the passage of time. A large number of bamboo weaving elements blend the dining experience and local culture to form a distinctive and unique cultural ethos.

The independent and orderly layout creates a relaxed and leisurely environment filled with the aroma of bamboo and the fragrance of flowers. The ancient charm mixes with the appropriate hustle and bustle of city life to highlight a relaxed and leisurely sense of daily life.

A dream dwelling of poetry, a heart staying among the mountains and rivers

The natural landscape and poetry of Wenjiang are fused into the living experience. The reorganization of the building structure and the courtyard blurs the boundary between the courtyard and the landscape to create an isolated quiet and slow life. With molted tree shadows on the outside walls, a serene place integrates nature, space, light and shadow comes into being.

Comfortable and cozy, the guest rooms have a unified concise layout and gentle palette to bring more comfort and joy to the space. As an extension of outdoor natural scenery, the elegant wood veneer and the bright floor-to-ceiling windows record the beautiful moments of dawn and dusk outside the window.

Guests will enjoy a leisurely and tranquil life in such a pure, warm space.

Go sightseeing in the gorgeous mountains regardless of the weather conditions; sleep under the moonlight and enjoy your leisure time in life.

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