MGF Architecture
Tübingen, Germany

Due to the spatial consolidation of the psychological and psychiatric centers of the University Hospital Tübingen, a feasibility study for the extension of the ViTa was carried out in 2017. The room program of the extension includes rooms for the psychosomatic ward. General service rooms, seminar rooms, lounges and dining areas and two 28-bed wards cover an area of ​​approximately 1,900 sqm. The stations are divided into a normal ward and a comfort ward.

Vita I Building Extension University Hospital / MGF Architecture

The gross floor area of ​​the extension is approximately 2.340 sqm.  We propose to construct a yard with the building of the extension. The arrangement of two building blocks as angled building creates a slender, south-facing courtyard. This courtyard connects the areas of psychosomatics in the existing building with the new shared areas of the expansion, such as dining and lounge area. The angular structure conveys the height jump between Liebermeisterstraße and entrance level of the ViTa.

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