Diade Arquitetos
Holambra, São Paulo, Brazil

The project sought from the lighting, circulation and space, create a kitchen that expands to the outdoor area, used by residents, for parties and receptions. A new window was introduced to the outside, which allowed more natural light to enter. Two walls that closed the environment, were removed, allowing the amplitude of the environment, leaving tenuous the division between external and internal space.

The pantry area was enclosed internally, since it was previously outside the laundry room. This division between the pantry and the laundry allowed the creation of an organized space for laundry on the outside. Two sliding glass doors were included in the limits of the environments, leaving the clients discretion to divide between external or internal. A small garden was also built for the creation of vegetable gardens, with its lower part used for waste and infrastructure.

The kitchen was fitted with large cupboards to house the student’s gastronomic equipment, as well as an island in the central part that allowed the existence of extensive benches for gastronomic work.

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