Lucas Bastos
East Zone 2, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
EMEF Santo Antônio

The proposal seeks to contribute to the needs of public spaces and facilities of the population living in the Jardim Santo Antônio neighborhood, São Miguel Paulista and Itaim Paulista border, both from the East Zone 2, formed by some of the most deprived subprefectures of the city of São Paulo.

The building proposed here, receives the use of elementary school, and aims to share part of its activities such as sports, leisure and culture with the local community.

The proposal also unites the requalification of space through the implementation of a linear park, since the stream present there is today a barrier that damages the landscape of the urban environment. Education, when connected to public and community spaces, has the power to change the vitality of its surroundings, establishing a relationship between the equipment and the community.

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