Rafael Pauliquevis
Santos SP, Brazil
Catholic University of Santos

This work begins with the investigations of caiçara culture on Diana Island, making a territorial analysis of costs and traditions, with the objective of understanding their local needs. Based on the results analyzed throught visits and dialogues with residentes, there are some weaknesses: Lack of infrastructure, large territorial voids and the difficulty of improving fishing practices.

With this the proposal seeks to develop and presente some premises and guidelines, such as: Boosting territorial infrastructure, in particular sewage, collection, disposal of solid waste and drainage through a walkway that skirts the entire island., in addition to reorganizing all its circulation; Recover water fronts; Strategies for voids marked by lack of planning in housing distribution; Produce a school boat development Yard with the incentive to expand the art of fishing; Consolidate boarding for fishermen and tourists; Preserve and expand áreas of natural ecosystems; Develop a typical caiçara restaurant for tourism development in the region; Restructure the entire sports sector, containing two swimming pools, a new soccer field, and a locker room; Include a nursery for the organization of the typical birds of the place; Present a network of vertical water reservoir, for water supply of the Island, becoming also na observatory.

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